Through our collaborative training modules, we capture stakeholder perspectives, behaviours, motivations and emotions. We gather this information to adapt our training to your specific needs and to consult managers on how to develop a more integrative approach to operating their care facilities. The goal is to empower the organization by providing a meaningful connection between the business, technical and human dimensions.

Success factors

In order to create an environment of sustained change and increase success rates, we have established a list of essential Success Factors:

Shared Change Vision

Create and share a compelling case for change that directs and motivates the people in the organisation - getting the urgency, buy-in and commitment you need.

Effective Leadership

Build a critical network of skilled change leaders who will be accountable for change execution providing direction, guidance and support for the change.

Engaging Processes

Develop and implement the processes needed to communicate with, involve, reward and up-skill your people in the development and execution of the change.

Dedicated Local Sponsors

Assist middle and front-line managers - who are pivotal to engaging the organization - to support change implementation by providing them with the skills, tools and motivation to work with their people during the change roll-out.

Personal Connections

Work with those managers to deliver personal commitment, skill building and behaviour changing action plans that help individuals change more effectively.

Sustained Effort

Help people to adapt personally and individually to the change - minimizing disruption, maximizing performance and embedding the transition in a way that really sticks and ensures you continue to realize the benefits of change.