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unleash the power of your team

We offer training based on your organization's needs.


unleash the power of your team

We offer training based on your organization's needs.

We’re committed to offering you and your team the highest quality training and ongoing guidance and support – from computer basics right through to using the most powerful features of our products.

leading with change management

One of the greatest challenges associated with the implementation of new technology is managing the fear of change from the staff member’s point of view. We understand that to successfully facilitate change, a dedicated change management approach with appropriate communication, training and ongoing support for staff is essential.

To help your team embrace technology enhancements and achieve goals quickly and easily, our approachable implementation and training consultants constantly engage with staff so that they may customize their training to match their IT expectations, competency and needs.

Whether your staff members are experienced computer users, beginners, or somewhere in between, you can be sure that our training staff have the necessary skills and experience to provide a fully customized training  solution to your organization.

develop staff skills & competencies

Our training is intended not only to ensure your staff understand the software, but to ensure that they have the technical skills to respond to business needs and environmental pressures such as changing security and regulatory requirements. They will be equipped with the skills necessary to apply our software across a broad range of business and clinical scenarios and to ease and facilitate the changes necessary to optimize your organizational efficiency and effectiveness.


Key Benefits

Our goal is to increase productivity and clinical effectiveness for care providers.

Key Benefits

Our goal is to increase productivity and clinical effectiveness for care providers.

The Value of Training

Providing training to your employees benefits both the employer and employee in many ways:

  • improves an employee’s performance
  • develops the group and team skills needed to achieve organizational goals
  • gives employees the needed skills and knowledge to complete assigned jobs, duties and tasks
  • motivates employees to achieve higher standards
  • increases overall efficiency
  • improves service levels, which leads to higher client satisfaction
  • prepares employees for promotional opportunities
  • decreases employee turnover, which reduces down time and costs
  • enhances employee morale, motivation, and creativity
  • enables managers to reach unit goals and objectives
  • gives employees the tools needed to analyze interpersonal and situational factors that create obstacles to achieving high performance


We have developed a module based training program that focuses primarily on improving efficiency and clinical effectiveness. After completing our modules, employees will have a deeper understanding of a wide range of meaningful topics that include:

Organizational Efficiency

  • Demystification of computing
  • Defensive computing
  • Tactics for improving computing environment
  • Software effectiveness - Applications and methods
  • Configuring system - Practical examples
  • Data entry - Practical examples
  • Reporting - Practical examples

clinical effectiveness

    • Emotional distress
    • Bullying and cyberbullying
    • Partnerships with Law & Police
    • Mental health issues and solution tracks
    • Fostering positive long term relationship
    • Community building
    • Psychology of purpose